What services do we offer?


The PEO offers health care professionals, patients, and their families an ever-growing, online collection of innovative patient education materials. All these health information resources are free to use and distribute.


Our patient materials support understanding of:

  • Complex health and healthcare topics
  • How to partner with your health care team (for shared, informed decision-making and care planning)
  • Personal care at home, or for before and after a hospital stay
  • When to call or return to the hospital for help
  • the importance of keeping to care regimens
  • How to navigate the system (how the system works, who to call, when to call, where to go, how to get the “best care for life”)


We also offer assistance to clinical teams or groups interested in authoring patient education materials, through the following activities:

  • Health literacy consultation: guidance in creating evidence-informed patient education materials, as per institutional and international health education standards and guidelines
  • Multiple language versions: All our patient materials exist, at minimum, in English and French. We also create materials in other languages (Italian, Chinese, Armenian, German and more).
  • Design and creation of materials: assistance with creation of new materials, updating of older materials, or adaptations of existing materials
  • Plain language writing support
  • Image creation for patient education materials
  • Writing resources: Linking to key development resources (e.g. writing guidelines; how to go about language translation, ensure copyright, source funding)
  • Workshops on various health literacy, health and patient education topics


Need help with a patient education tool, material or program? Looking to update or adapt a material that exists in our collection? Submit a request for support using the downloadable form here.


Interested in revising an existing material on our Collection? Send us the document with your revisions. Here's how: Guide to requesting revisions (PDF)






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