Patient Education Workshops


2016 Workshop Program


Call for Participation


The MUHC Patient Education Office is offering a series of three workshops on the development of effective patient education material. These workshops are open, free of charge, to all MUHC staff and McGill healthcare students. They were developed to help the MUHC clinical staff meet the challenges inherent in the creation, development, evaluation and implementation of patient education materials for teaching and practice environments.


Participants are provided with strategies and methodologies, based in instructional design and pedagogy, as well as their clinical practice perspectives, to support their current and future patient education initiatives. The goal of these workshops is to establish a structure for clinical authors to work with the Patient Education Office to create patient education materials..





Workshop 1: The Process of Creating Effective Patient Education Material

Explores the process of developing patient education material. (3 hours)


This workshop focuses on a review of the strategies, resources, tools and MUHC standards necessary for the development of patient education material.



Workshop 2: Writing Clearly: Plain Language, Readability, Layout, Design and Patient Education

Provides a more in-depth review of relevant and associated issues associated with patient education materials. (3 hours)


These include the role of literacy and health literacy in patient education materials, an in-depth overview of plain language as well as the integration of concepts including content development, organisation of material and writing style to support the development of patient-centered layout and design.



Workshop 3: Patient Education: Working Together and Learning from Each Other

Offers participants the opportunity to share their work with others as well as receive feedback and suggestions from other authors. This workshop is an open and interactive session aimed at facilitating authoring and implementation. (3 hours)


Both workshop 1 and 2 integrate theory with 'hands-on' activities that support knowledge transfer and application. While it is not necessary to have participated in Workshop 1 before Workshop 2, it is recommended.





Why attend?


These workshops serve to:

  • Provide support to MUHC staff and students currently involved or interested in becoming involved, in patient education
  • Draw attention to key resources at the MUHC who support patient education initiatives
  • Establish an infrastructure to authors for ongoing consultation and assistance
  • Support an inter-professional and patient-centered approach to developing these materials.
  • Create a forum where experts (leaders & teachers) currently involved in educational initiatives at MUHC as well as at McGill University can share expertise and experiences.





How to request a workshop


If you have questions or require more information, please contact Vanessa Moman at









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